Thoughts and bugs on macOS and iOS app after ~12 hours practice time

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Thoughts and bugs on macOS and iOS app after ~12 hours practice time

Post by jungk704 » Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:43 pm

Hey devs, I am a fresh, 12 day old piano student and I am thoroughly enjoying learning with playground sessions. I'm ~12 hours into the apps according to the Total Time Spent label, and a quarter of the way through the intermediate bootcamp. It has been a great experience, and I want to share some items of note from my experience:

1. I originally started with the ipad app but quickly switched to macOS due an uncommon bug where the '% Correct' modal did not show up after an exercise. When this happens, the exercise score is not saved. (seemingly random, occurs ~5% of the time). This bug is particularly frustrating when it occurs after nailing a tough final exercise.

2. Dashboard could use some love. I would personally be motivated by a github contribution chart like graphic.

3. Progress. The overview progress score vs time chart is uninteresting. On the right side, I like the idea of selecting a lesson to see your percentage progress on difficult sections. However, there is no way to scroll down to and select later (mid beginner and up) bootcamp lessons.

4. Using the first and last key of the piano to start/stop is a cool feature, but this information is not presented to the user. Maybe I just missed them? C to repeat, D to go to next section is clearly marked, but not on the ipad app.

5. On the macOS app, it's not possible to create a forum login bc the 'are you a human' checkbox is unclickable.

6. A small thing but it would be cool if the bootcamp lessons page refreshed after closing a lesson so the 'x of x' labels and the green checkmarks are accurate.

7. When selecting no notation display while mid playthrough, instant feedback is not shown. (notes don't turn green or red)

8. The piano sound through the app is not realistic compared to the digital pianos innate voice or GarageBand. When practicing at night, It's a bit of a hassle to mute Playground's piano voice and open up garageband to have realistic piano sound while using headphones.

9. Not sure how total time spent is calculated. Is there an explicit definition somewhere?

Thanks again, it has been a great time learning piano with Playground.