iPad Pro issues with Disklavier MARK IV

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iPad Pro issues with Disklavier MARK IV

Post by BILLCF15 » Sat Jan 21, 2017 4:13 pm

I'm new to the Playground sessions having just started. Connected thru MIDI from receiver on Mark IV to lightning connection on iPad Pro. It shows connected yet when you go into settings it will only show up to 85 keys instead of 88. Also, even with the first rookie lesson when you strike middle c it will turn the note red on the screen but will not give you the outcome at the end at how welll you did (perfect notes, etc) and will not show you completing the lesson. Cand someone help me? I know the iPad is in beta stages but I just want to make sure there something I'm not missing. I could try my Mac Book Pro if need be. Thanks!

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Re: iPad Pro issues with Disklavier MARK IV

Post by seant23 » Sun Jan 22, 2017 1:13 pm

Hi Bill,

I would try out your Mac Book Pro, to see if this is only a iPad issue or if there is a connection problem.

In the iPad settings, we currently only have some default keyboard layouts. We eventually plan to implement a configure your keyboard prompt, so users can see an identical keyboard on their screen as there actual keyboard. You can expect this to come pretty soon.

If the notes are turning red, then Playground is marking them incorrect. They should turn Green if they are marked as correct. I'm guessing something is up with your connect or Playground isn't getting the note data properly, which means when the lesson is over and you get scored you are probably getting 0% correct. Lessons only get marked complete after you hit at least 80% on a lesson.

When you hit keys on your keyboard, does the on screen keyboard highlight? It should... If not then something is up with the keyboard connection. Some keyboards need to be configured to send out midi data. I'm not familar with the Mark IV though, so perhaps someone else on the forums can help troubleshoot that with you.

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