Correct order to use PGS

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Correct order to use PGS

Post by pavel » Fri Dec 21, 2018 4:02 am

morning all,
elementary question :) how to handle with PGS? I mean what is the proper order how to learn to play a piano using PGS from scratch (my case).

Kind of intuitively I started with Bootcamp, rookie Bootcamp. I decided to pass all beginner parts before I do anything else. BUT some new Courses appear during that. What to do now?
  1. Should I pause Bootcamp immediately, pass all Courses when they appear and then going back to Bootcamp? or
  2. Should I continue with entire Bootcamp, and then pass all Courses?
sorry it is not clear to me. I followed the second approach but now all Courses (like one hand songs ..) are too easy and I do not see any needs to pass it, apart from my personality which dictates to have everything (all sections) at green. On the other hand maybe I missed something. So in these days I am going thru all those childish boring stuff :( just to have green tick next to it. BTW with no Badges :(

Now going thru intermediate Bootcamp and again a new Course appear. Lost again :(

Why do I like PGS (even I complain a lot :D )? Because of score after each trial, it motivates me to have as much as possible, not having at least 80% is a kind of frustrating but same encouraging.

What are Badges about? Why not to have Badge after fill all beginner Bottcamp lessons? Another one after Courses...
What about the Level? Now I reach Level 43 but what it means?

a lot of questions, I know :)

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Re: Correct order to use PGS

Post by Laurensss » Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:02 am

I would recommend using the courses only if you feel you need the extra attention to that detail. You can ignore them completely, as evidenced by the fact that they did not exist for years. In any case, there is no obligation to do either of the binary options 1. and 2. Just mix in what you need and like.

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Re: Correct order to use PGS

Post by sw1tch73ch » Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:53 pm

If you are a new beginner, then doing a few of the Rookie Tour "bootcamp" lessons is probably a good start. Once you've gone through a dozen or so lessons, you might unlock a course or two. The courses were introduced because there was a lot of clammer for some bits that weren't fully covered in the Tours. Scales, or Chords, or simple right hand only melodies, or both hands practice, or ... well the list can go on. Also at some point you will want to try a song or two (there is a bootcamp lesson for "Lean On Me" that may prompt you to try the "Lean On Me" Rookie Song, for instance).

Other than getting started, there is no specific order that is best. The very best is what keeps you playing and practicing. So if you get tired of the lessons, try a course. If the courses don't do it for you, try a song. You will find something to keep you interested.

Because I started before there were courses, I completed the Rookie Tour before trying any courses. I did do a couple of songs while working my way through the Rookie Tour, though. And a couple after I finished Rookie but before Intermediate (I still haven't started Intermediate, actually).

Mostly, just practice and play.
== Just keep playing. Just keep playing. Just keep playing, playing, playing! ==

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