PlaygroundSessions on Linux

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PlaygroundSessions on Linux

Post by solernou » Thu Oct 08, 2020 4:18 am

I have been running PGS on an Ubuntu machine for some time now using WineHQ 3.0.3. However, a new glitch appeared recently and I am unable to download new lessons. When I read the logs, it seems that it is related to "[ERROR] Uncaught: Error #2032", for which I tried to find a solution unsuccessfully.

I've also tried the latest version of Wine (5.18), but it fails to launch with a different error. Given that this is the newest Wine version, I've been able to file in a bug report, which gives me some hope.

I know that this is not the place to submit this type of bugs, but have noticed that there is a (small?) Linux community, and wondered whether anybody has come around any of these issues. I'd welcome any help.


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Re: PlaygroundSessions on Linux

Post by Moreless » Mon Oct 19, 2020 11:43 am

The program itself has not been updated in years. I would try closing PGS and try to download the lesson at a later time. Unless the PGS backend for retrieving songs, lessons, etc has been modified. I'm pretty sure the 2032 error is a generic connection related error to their servers. It was bad a couple years ago when people couldn't log in because of the error. If you just kept trying to log in, you'd get in eventually.

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Re: PlaygroundSessions on Linux

Post by EFlatMajor » Mon Oct 19, 2020 3:49 pm

Hey, hey, hey, welcome Albert.

I am one of those Linux/WINE users. PGS is an outlier when it comes to WINE as it works nearly perfectly on that platform.

I agree with @Moreless that the problem you experienced was likely a blip on the server side.

I am running Fedora 32, kernel 5.8.14-200, with WINE 5.18, Windows 10 emulation.

It has been running fine through many O/S and WINE upgrades. I downloaded 2 lessons last night so I know that is still working.

Hopefully all is well now for you. Like @Moreless wrote, this version is PGS is ancient, but a new rewritten version is on the way. I am guessing Q1 2021 release, but that is just a guess. There are next to no details on that new version, so keep this forum bookmarked just in case we need to help each other get that new version running after it is released.

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