Other Teaching Products (Books)

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Other Teaching Products (Books)

Post by Russ1409 » Mon Jul 06, 2015 5:18 pm

So, my ultimate goal is to be able to play from a fake book. I have already surpassed my previous piano lessons from when I was a kid with the Playground Sessions program (I've barely hit the intermediate lessons, so still on single notes with the left hand). Does anyone have any books that they thought were really helpful? So far I've downloaded the following titles from Amazon:

Scales, Chords, Apreggios & Cadences - Willard Palmer
First, Learn to Practice - Tom Heany
How to Play from a Fake Book - Blake Neely
Piano Chords & Progressions - Duane Shinn

All of the books (except for the Heany book) have filled in some holes for me, but for the most part they are way over my head after about chapter 3. The Learn to Practice book has some excellent pointers for practicing, many of which are already incorporated into the playground lessons (immediate feedback, variable (slow) tempo, looping of small parts).


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