Tips for improving PG bootcamps

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Tips for improving PG bootcamps

Post by Duckroy » Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:48 pm

Hey PGS and all other fellow musicians :)

Ive been on PGS for about a month now, and i think im doing ok, just finished rookie camp lessons. But there are some things
that could improve in the bootcamp. Dont get me wrong, i love the site and its really easy too learn playing the piano but...

1. Having a filter in the bootcamp would be great, like if i just want too see the videos since i want too go back and learn about lets say: Rhytm part 2,
now i have to scroll thru most lessons, and its colorful and nice with all album covers etc but sadly its just chaotic for me. Having a Video department or what i should call it, would be great for the future if the bootcamp lessons are growing, if you want too go back and look at the tips again.

2. The total play time aint very accurate in my opinion, since i tend to stop playing a song if i make a early mistake cause i wont reach 100% anyway, the good thing if i continue the song with that error tho, is that ill probably improve my skills and it gets recorded, but sometimes one just makes a early error (way too often imo ;) ) and ill start all over again. Anything you have been considering on changing? The total play time is just a reference for me only but it would be nice too know how much time you REALLY spend on playing.

Well thx PGS for a great learning site. We can only improve as you can too :))

Regard Anders Karlström AKA Duckroy
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