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Rookie Vs. Intermediate

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 2:09 pm
by joe_hill
So here's a question:

I'd like to learn "Imagine" (basically, the whole reason I took up the study of piano is to learn how to play my favorite Beatles tunes). Playground offers to teach the song at three different levels: rookie, intermediate, and advanced.

At the risk of sounding dunderheaded... if I decide to learn the rookie arrangement, will that undermine learning the same song again, at the intermediate level? I assume that if you tackle the rookie arrangement first, it'll just be that much easier to figure out the intermediate (and then the advanced) presentations. But before I get going, thought I would confirm that with the crowd. I'd hate to get the fingering down one way, and then have to reimagine the fingering in a whole new different way later.

Apologies to all if this is a blitheringly dumb question...

Re: Rookie Vs. Intermediate

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 11:50 pm
by sw1tch73ch
I have a few songs I've bought all three levels. I can't tell you from experience yet if learning the lower version hinders your learning the more advanced. I haven't gotten that far. But I do not think it will hurt. When you are ready to learn intermediate, it will be as hard or as easy as any other. The same will happen when you get to advanced.

Re: Rookie Vs. Intermediate

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:52 pm
by andrewwegierski
Good advice from John. Joe, I replied on your other thread.