Course Curriculom Order??

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Course Curriculom Order??

Post by PianoPilot74 » Sat Jan 16, 2021 6:52 pm

Being a total newbie to the piano, and working my way through bootcamp... I am a bit confused at the lack of direction in how to practice, what to practice, and in what order.

As I working on the Bootcamp Rookie Lessons, every once in a while A course is unlocked. Do you then go and complete ALL those lessons, then come back and continue in the normal Bootcamp lessons. I am up to lesson 30 I think, and not one time has a scale or anything been mentioned. I have never seen lessons that do NOT start out playing some sort of scales. When are scales introduced......Playing these simplistic songs is fine, but the basic knowledge and being able to understand theory and scales, seems to be lacking. OR mayben, I just dont know what I am doing and where to find this information. Is there some learning checklist that there is to follow?

Another thing I am confused about.... I usually practice the lesson until I can get it 100%, then move on. Is this the correct way? How long do you need to be practicing each lesson before moving on to the next. I realy want to enjoy this course, but there seems to be a ton of unanswered questions in regards to some type of step by step curriculom.

Any help would be awesome!!



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