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Ben Folds (Five)

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 9:22 am
by tsmori
Kinda blown away that he hasn't come up on the song request boards.

You can pick your poison, either stuff way back with Ben Folds Five or his newer solo albums. He's also recently done some classical work I think.

Specifically, if I had to pick a few songs, I'd go with Landed and Jesusland from Songs for Silverman and definitely Brick from Whatever and Ever Amen (Ben Folds Five). Especially Landed, piano in that song gives me chills.

Re: Ben Folds (Five)

Posted: Tue Mar 22, 2016 12:09 pm
by davidsides
All good songs! Unfortunately we currently only have the rights to "Brick" so that's been added to our list. Thanks for the requests.

Re: Ben Folds (Five)

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:25 pm
by ldhudsonjr
I have to say it does seem like a glaring omission in the catalogue. Also, I have not seen Brick, is it still available?

Re: Ben Folds (Five)

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:01 pm
by davidsides
"Brick" hasn't been added to our library yet. We'll be rolling it out soon.