Cramped leg room with Yamaha P115?

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Cramped leg room with Yamaha P115?

Post by Laurensss » Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:47 am

Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of advice. After spending a week playing a lot in PGS on an M-Audio MIDI keyboard I couldn't resist upgrading to a nicer instrument - a Yamaha P115. It's on an X stand that has limited height options, but there is one that appears to fit me when it comes to arm position.

Trouble is that the piano is so thick (massive box underneath the keyboard) that my legs barely fit underneath when it's correctly set up - a consequence of having long arms I guess. Anyone else who has this issue and found a good solution? Should I just sit somewhat higher and accept that my forearms slope down slightly? Or is that a bad habit to learn?

As it is now I can't really operate the pedal at all, also because the X stand is in the way of putting my foot further away from me.

Thanks for any thoughts!

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Re: Cramped leg room with Yamaha P115?

Post by sw1tch73ch » Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:12 am

I don't know a solution. I use an adjustable height chair to get my arms to the right position and I find my legs are right against the bottom of the keyboard too.
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