Simple, cheap and effective mounting solution for laptop on Yamaha P-115

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Simple, cheap and effective mounting solution for laptop on Yamaha P-115

Postby Laurensss » Tue Dec 26, 2017 4:40 pm

After trying for some time to come up with a good idea for a laptop mount on my Yamaha P-115, by chance I came across a really simple solution to do this. The P-115 / P115 has a long, horizontal slit (approx. 5 mm * 600mm) in the top that you can put a music rest (for song books) into. While cleaning out my garage I found an old metal wire iPad stand that does the job perfectly, bought years ago and forgotten about: This one . The wires are covered in a thin rubber layer that makes for a pretty secure fit into the top of the piano. Do tighten the screws with a bit of force. I don't know if it would fit your piano if you have another model, but then it's only a couple of $ so if the music book mount is similar it may be worth a shot.


I would recommend this for pretty light laptops, like the MPB in the picture. Also, obviously, if you hit the laptop with some force sideways or upwards you will have another dent in your machine, and if you run off with your headphones still on you will have bigger trouble still. But it's hard to imagine something light and simple that would protect against that.

Important! Obviously you are the only judge on whether this solution works for you and is secure enough etc. I take no responsibility at all if this thing does not fit, fails, drops your machine, drops your machine on your cat, etc.

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