Money saving tip for ipad Pro connection for Playground

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Money saving tip for ipad Pro connection for Playground

Post by St8kout » Tue Sep 01, 2020 3:20 am

I wanted to put this tip in the "Tech" section but it's LOCKED.

For using an ipad pro with Playground, you DON'T need that expensive overpriced official Apple connector, nor all those hub adaptors with several different connectors. I bought an "Amazon Basics" USB to USB-C connector for about $11 bucks. If you look at the Yamaha Digital Piano P-125 video on, you'll see that's what he's using to make the video showing Yamaha's ipad pro app (this app only works with the P-series pianos) to control the piano sounds, record, and play along. And of course, it also works for the Playground app. Plug & play.

My only complaint about using the ipad pro is you need really good eyesight, or a stand to hold the ipad about 12" from your face, lol. I've played with the ipad settings but nothing makes the sheet music larger and easier to see. Update: I bought an ipad tripod mount and using two legs of the tripod, it leans towards me bringing the ipad much closer to my face.

I use my Desktop Alienware 34" wide screen monitor to practice. It's on one of those 'hospital type' stands with wheels, and you can raise or lower the platform. I simply roll my monitor over to my keyboard stand when I want to practice, (using a cheapo wireless trackball mouse to control Playground).
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Re: Money saving tip for ipad Pro connection for Playground

Post by sw1tch73ch » Tue Sep 01, 2020 9:59 pm

The iPad Pro is the only one with USB-C. For the other iPads you do need the Connection kit. But it would be good for the FAQ to note that the USB-C to USB Type B will do.
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