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This might help someone with audio problems

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:19 am
by St8kout
My setup was working fine until the other day when I decided to get back into online gaming, something I've been away from for years. For some reason setting up the "Steam" app and downloading some games, affected the sound in Playground. At first I thought my speaker wiring was shorting out or something, but it only did it while playing along with a lesson. Playing the piano by itself, or letting the lesson run without playing sounded fine. But combined, the notes were cutting in and out.

I corrected it by playing around with settings in the Playground "Audio Devices." Under "Type" I set mine to "ASIO" and under "Device" I used "ASIO4ALL v2." This is an audio driver used with some recording software to bypass Windows10 audio drivers, as they have too much lag. This driver was already in my system because I have Cubase installed, and I sometimes also use audio interfaces.

You can download this free driver if you suffer audio lag or have other audio problems. (Just Google it). In my case, Win10 only uses it for Playground and Cubase. The rest of the time it uses it's own Windows drivers.