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Beginner to formal piano

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:38 am
by olgaziix
This was my very first piano play, i learned from taking screenshots of where it's pressed on a digital image keyboard. Then i realized i could no longer fully play them after a few months without having to review since it's all by memory which pushed me to wanting to learn it formally. I dont have any teacher and far off from having one since i live in Japan, language barrier and i cant afford one so i decided to buy membership from playground session.

I really want to learn playing the piano through notes rather than by ear and memorizing it from synesthesia-like picture memory of pressing the keys. I believe it would be much easier and faster if there was a simulator for random notes appearing on the bar lines that's infinitely generated. There's an option of Bass and Treble notes / intermediate and professional where more various notes / appear based on learning level. Even just getting used to pressing them on the piano keyboard, there would be option too like it only moves forward until i press them correctly or the other where it continues on even when wrong but collects end score of faults. I hope i said it here correctly.
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Re: Beginner to formal piano

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:12 am
by sw1tch73ch
I think we may have suggested a sort of recognition practice before; where the notation appears on screen, either fades in or marches in from the right and you identify the note by playing the right one. Over time the exercise would evolve as you get better by introducing sequences of notes and simultaneous Chords of notes. That might help as something Playground Sessions could offer in the app.

Another is to label the keys of your keyboard with little pictures of that note on the music notation. Something like this: ... kers&psc=1 (Amazon Search criteria: Piano Stickers for Keys, Eison Full Set Piano Keyboard Stickers for 88/61/54/49 Keys Removable with Numbers, Leaves No Residue, Color Black)

I also bought a number of books on notation and have pictures of how the keyboard relates to the notes on the staff. Something like this: ... 864629fd27 (Amazon search criteria: Piano and Keyboard Note Chart for Behind the Keys with Piano Songs EBook; Made in USA)
(I don't actually have this particular one. Mine was a tiny picture of a keyboard until the music notation with a line from the piano key up to the displayed notes).

And I just found the one I have - a laminated or plastic covered small poster "Music Theory Laminated Mat" ... CF9CP0HBAG (Amazon Search Criteria: Music Theory Laminated Mat)

Of course the best way to learn the notes is simply to practice them. When I was first starting, we were taught to say the name of the note we saw on the printed music out loud and then play that note on the keyboard. That builds the association between the printed note, the name of the note and the actual piano keyboard. Of course you need a cheat sheet like the cardboard keyboard chart to get you going. But at least practice is free.

Before you think about buying any or all of these, they are just examples and you should probably start by choosing the one that "speaks" to you the most. I, for example, don't have the stickers on my keyboard, or the cardboard plaque that goes behind the keys.

To be honest, I think making your own would be an even better task and will add some learning by doing. Find a picture on the web of the bass and treble clefs annotated with the letter names and where they line up with the piano. Then make your own cardboard plaque to put behind the keys of your keyboard to remind you what note means which key. Take your time to make it attractive to you. The careful effort will make it stay in your mind.

You played that pieces in your video quite nicely. I liked it. That's a nice looking keyboard, too.

Re: Beginner to formal piano

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:16 am
by olgaziix
Thank you for the suggestion and reply! i actually have placed the key recognition thing on my piano keys by cutting out tape and small piece of paper onto each keys >_< Im level 12 so far on this app and thought out that it would probably be very useful for us to have this option that i requested since i also used phone apps to recognize the notes + keys from the staff lines. Well this is just my opinion but im highly confident i'd learn faster if this was done.