I wanted to share something fun I had with playing today

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I wanted to share something fun I had with playing today

Postby CharlesErickson » Wed Dec 14, 2016 11:54 am

Today I put together some of the hand work I was doing with the lessons to an improv because today I started naturally just playing after practicing because I was excited that I was able to play one of the lessons correctly on first go of a day that had been giving me trouble and I started building improvs around my two handed hand work where my hands had been improved by the lessons rather than just as a child tapping out keys although I still do a little of that too .. and today in my excitement I thought of that kid tapping out keys as a kid that I was and now see with the know how of learning the notes perhaps I would like to one day try my hand at composing classical style piano pieces... alas one day far off when I can read music lol.. learning a little at a time lol :) I think it would be fun to compose music and talk about imrovs.. just general music discussion is fun
lol trying find the informal way to type improvisation correctly and sort of cooly shorten it :geek: Many thanks :) Playground staff and Teacher :)

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