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Rob Elton

Post by RobElton123 » Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:02 pm

Hi my name is Rob, I live in cambridge (United Kingdom) and I treated myself to the life time subscription this christmas after finding DS music on youtube and wanting to play the piano like him with his awesome arpeggios and style!

I have self taught for the last 6 years and found the piano at 31 years old for a total change of my normal life where I run a personal training business and wanted a different outlet from the physical work I do.

I am very impressed with the lessons so far and I have learned so much. It would be great to share videos of our progress and I like the idea of a community as I also feel accountable if we can upload videos of what we have done so far. I'm aiming to compete the bootcamp course and ace the songs I love from the library.

One thing not mentioned on the forum are pianos. I saved for 6 years for a yamaha U3 which when I played i didn't like! No offence as it's all personal preference, I settled for a Kawai BL31 which i fell in love with (and was half the price). I also have a yamaha P115 to allow quiet practice so my family don't go mad!

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Re: Rob Elton

Post by sw1tch73ch » Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:32 pm

Hi Rob!

Pianos do tend to have a lot of range and personal preference really comes into play. The Kawai line of pianos have an excellent reputation for the feel of the keys and the sound of the instrument. Yamaha tends to make pianos with a more unique sound, which many people find less pleasing, so I can easily imagine you didn't like the U3. The Yamaha Grand pianos have a good reputation for their sound, but even so many people do not like them.

Play on what you like and you'll play more! That's what really matters.
== Just keep playing. Just keep playing. Just keep playing, playing, playing! ==

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Re: Rob Elton

Post by davidsides » Thu Jan 19, 2017 1:26 pm

Hi Rob,

Welcome to the family! And I'm glad you enjoy the arpeggios - they're a lot of fun to play! :)

And I too own a P-115. It's a beast of a keyboard but it's great.

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