My interest

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My interest

Post by richardfuehrer » Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:48 am

Hello! To all who are just starting to learn the piano, like me.

I am an older adult, a total beginner, and I'm eager to learn to play the piano using Playground Sessions. I would like to hear fro others who are rank beginners like me, starting to learn the piano. I'll answer anyone who writes, so please let me hear from you. Thanks a lot!.............Richard F.

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Re: My interest

Post by wolflone249 » Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:09 am

Welcome fellow beginner!

I’m sure you’ll love the Playground program a lot. I’m up to intermediate within only a few weeks. With a lot of dedication and lots of practice ;) you’ll soon no longer be ranked beginner

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Re: My interest

Post by Mach13 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:58 am

Hi Richard, well i'm an older-ish guy also who's starting from scratch too. Dont read music but have played acoustic guitar (rather poorly) for about 5-6 years. Piano tho VERY different experience, :lol:

When I started to learn guitar it was all about muscle memory. That is... getting my fingers to go where I needed em to in the short space of time needed to play a recognisable tune. At first it was slow progress, and slow is good. slow means accurate. :)

I'm really liking the idea of assigning fingers to numbers on this system... I see a number and that finger gets to work... eventually :mrgreen:
There are a couple of features that are our friend.

* Being able to slow down the tempo/speed by half

* using the auto repeat on any given difficult section.

* And bearing in mind that some days i'm better than others. Sometimes I come back to the section i've been working on and it's like i'm playing with my toes (I havent tried that session yet :? ) but after a short while i'm back and able to play again. so it seems muscle memory also has short term forgettery. Which is why slow practice slow practice and erm slow practice practice is key (no punn intended :roll: ) it seems ;)

Oh one more thing i've found useful. I'm using my laptop (which sits on a rack above my keyboard) and I've found it better to click on the view tab and click on 'Full Screen' so that there is more room in the music notation screen. It wasn't an issue at first but when I got onto two handed palying the scrolling doen't quite happen quick enough for me to be able to see the bass note on the next line. In 'Full Screen' it pops up fine. Addendum Just found out that there is a slidy notation sizing option on the toolbar... erm which you can also use :mrgreen:

All the best with your practice..
Keep plugging away coz...Progtid makd parfit, Pradtic mskes Pwrfegt, Practicd makez parfait, Praktiss maykes perfekt -keeping at it really works! eventually! :roll:

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