More Hanon exercises / building finger strength / warm-ups

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More Hanon exercises / building finger strength / warm-ups

Post by Starkov » Wed Dec 23, 2020 5:06 am


I wanna ask admins if they know if there is plan to add more of Hanon Virtuoso Exercises.

First 1-20 exercises where added almost 1 year ago - quite a long time now,
and in my opinion this Hanon book is essential book for building up muscles and finger strength / positions for all levels.

Why it takes so long time to add more of it?

What Im missing in Playgroundsessions the most, is absence of this kind of exercises and warm ups.

Thanks for letting me know.

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Re: More Hanon exercises / building finger strength / warm-ups

Post by EFlatMajor » Thu Dec 24, 2020 5:14 pm

Hi Matej,

You can ask them yourself. Send email to:

They won't tell you much. but they will tell you if they are thinking about it or working on it.

I know right now their priority is getting the new version of the desktop app released.

I agree with you I would like to see more. I am in no rush for new finger exercises though, as I am only on Hanon #7. I appear to be a slow learner.

Remember too there is the curriculum to deal with. Maybe some of the Hanon's are just too tough and not appropriate for the app. I mean, as hard as they are, the Hanon exercises (1-20) in the app now are a "made easy" version as the repeat bar at the end has been removed. Hanon exercise #39 is all 24 major and minor scales. These are in the app as 1-Octave scales, but the original actually stretched over 4 octaves, had the repeat bar as well as a 3 measure outtro of chords!

I won't even mention The Trill.

Before the 20 Hanons were added to PGS, I used a free music composition package called Musescore to practice them. I did the data entry and added the first few Hanon exercises. It can then play the sheet music for you as you play it on your piano. No green and red notes, you need to use your ears to determine if you are too fast, too slow, or hitting the wrong notes. Its actually pretty easy as it is obvious when you make a mistake.

You might try something like that if more of what you want is not in the pipeline for the app.

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