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Delete current user progress

Post by Heimatti » Sun Feb 14, 2021 8:29 am

Hi there,
I have been inactive for over a year now and even if I not lost all my skills I would like to start over again from the very beginning.
I know that I can just re-do all the courses but it would be easier and more convenient if I just can delete the whole progress I have made and start over again instead of remember where I was.
Is there a way to delete the progress completely so actually reset the user?

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Re: Delete current user progress

Post by EFlatMajor » Wed Feb 17, 2021 12:03 pm

Hello Helmatti,
Heimatti wrote:
Sun Feb 14, 2021 8:29 am
Is there a way to delete the progress completely so actually reset the user?
I do not believe so. Others have asked for this from the company and were denied. You can certainly send a message through the support email and ask, maybe things have changed.

If not, you can try something like what I do. I do the lessons over and over (and over) again. Between the Hanons, the Scales and now the Chords courses along with the bootcamps, I do about 30 things per day. My practice session is nearly identical to the day before, except for slight changes when I make forward progress and the removal of older bootcamp lessons that have been played so many times they no longer contain any practice value.

What I did was create a simple text file and listed out in order each of the things I practice. I then complete the list in order, adding in any new parts of lessons I have completed. The next day, I just copy/paste that list and go through it again. Rinse and Repeat. I ended up with a log of every exercise I have done each day all the way back to when I started, but I never looked back at it.

Congrats on getting back to the program. Also glad you are going back to the beginning. Although the music theory will come back to you very quickly, your fingers will need to be retrained from scratch.

Good luck!

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