How I Overcome "Difficult" Lessons....

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How I Overcome "Difficult" Lessons....

Post by SJunior22 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 1:27 pm

Hello Fellow Pianists!!!

I've been wanting to share on how I deal with lessons that seem difficult to me and may be of use to some of you out there. First, let me define what I term "difficult" means to me : its really the song choice for a certain lesson that adds to the learning curve. Along my journey with the bootcamps, I've encountered many song choices that I struggle to even want to listen to (muchless learn how to play an excerpt of). So then, how do I pass the lesson with a minimum score if I cant stand the song? Here's how I do it (warning: this is not for the faint of heart)...

I lookup the original song on the web (mainly YouTube) and listen to the song over and over and over (and over some more). I try to understand what the song is about (not lyrically, just in arrangement/composition). How does this work for you (you may ask)? Perhaps the instances I look for and the effects while listening to the song may serve to help you as well.

Let me explain, first it gives me context of the song; What is it's "feel" or rhythm, is it blues, jazz, rock, pop, classical, or a fusion of? What is the melody and/or undertones - basically, what is the song trying to tell me. At the same time as my ears are hearing the song, my subconscious is "learning" the song all by itself (this is not a gift, this is just an automatic-common function for everyone's subconscious). I'm not trying to memorize anything specific about the song, I just need to know what the song is on a very basic level.

As I return to completing the lesson, my subconscious is more familiar with the song; Suddenly, the lesson becomes more about learning the techniques/skills and less about the song itself. I mean, I dont hear the song that I cant stand so much. I can "tune out" any of the aspects of the song that I dont like. I'm more focused on the lesson itself. That seems to make the learning curve less steep and I'm able to complete the lesson. Granted, I'm not gonna lie and say that I complete every "difficult" lesson with 100% score - not even close. As I've stated before, I do this just to "pass" the lesson at the minimum. There are wayyyyy too many songs out there to play. Although, with these "difficult" lessons, by default, you will learn something that will help you play those songs you do enjoy.

Is it me or does it seem that the song/lessons that you do like overall seem "easier" to pass with higher scores (no matter if its in the rookie, intermediate, or advanced bootcamps) than with ones that you dont like?

I hope this might help someone out there and I would like to get your feedback on how you complete lessons that you had difficulty with. I thank you all out there who's read this post and even posted feedback. Good Luck and Enjoy your journey. :D
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Re: How I Overcome "Difficult" Lessons....

Post by zoey » Tue Apr 07, 2020 5:14 am

Something to keep in mind when I decide on an instrument to learn.

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