My "count in" isn't playing

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My "count in" isn't playing

Post by Mystwarien » Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:24 am

I haven't used the application in several months. When I tried to go back into lessons today, the lesson or song starts with no count. My sound is working and I hear the video instructions, but the songs just "start' and I have no idea when it's going to happen after I hit play, so I keep missing the beginning of the song. I'm use to it giving me a count down to get started. How do i turn this back on???? Thank you.

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Re: My "count in" isn't playing

Post by andrewwegierski » Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:44 am

Because you're returning after being away for several months, I'd definitely recommend that you download the latest build of Playground from this link:

See if that fixes the issue. Most of the time, having a clean, fresh start will clear up issues like that.

Has anything changed on your computer or iPad?

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Re: My "count in" isn't playing

Post by Ellie0903 » Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:30 pm

having same problem, mine is UP TO DATE

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Re: My "count in" isn't playing

Post by Amanda13 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 5:22 pm

I'm having the same issue also. I just downloaded the app yesterday so its up to date.