Aim of lessons starting on different notes

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Aim of lessons starting on different notes

Post by iwilson16 » Mon Sep 03, 2018 2:20 pm


I’m new here, and have completed the first 14 or so boot camp lessons.

I was wondering what the aim was of all the different lessons that start on different notes? Jumping around the keyboard so much seems a lot for a beginner. Or is this just to introduce you to timing, note duration etc?

Why are there no scales in the lessons? I’d have thought learning a few easy scales to start with would be useful?


PS. I’m approx grade 5 violin, so not everything is new to me.

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Re: Aim of lessons starting on different notes

Post by andrewwegierski » Wed Sep 05, 2018 7:05 pm

Hi Ian,

Welcome to Playground! Thanks for engaging with us on the forums.

I wasn't part of the PG team when we wrote the Bootcamp, but I can certainly comment on the benefit of jumping around the keyboard. Once you learn the concept of a 5 finger position, it's good to realize that this concept is uniform across many different situations - so we applied it to different starting points - mostly around the sharp side of the circle of fifths - C G D A E B, etc. This keeps the lesson material fresh. Users are learning all the different applications of 5 finger positions, without really thinking about that fact.

On the topic of scales, Bootcamp lessons 59, 60, and 71 specifically address the C major scale / scale related topics. The reason we wait this long for scales is because of the complex nature of the pivot in both hands - especially because it happens at different times. Also, our goal with the bootcamp was to keep the introductory lessons as fun as possible - using chunks of real songs to apply technique concepts!
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