Several drawing issues on UI changes

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Several drawing issues on UI changes

Post by BuckAMayzing » Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:30 pm

I haven't read through all the posts, but I didn't see my main issue listed at a quick glance (staff misalignment). Here are a few bugs on draw/redraw that I've run into:

System: Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 Pro (latest updates)
  • When pausing - then immediately playing - a lesson, several lines on the staff become misaligned.
  • Changing notation display (hide/show fingering and/or note names in the middle of a piece), instant feedback is disabled until play stops and starts again.
  • Changing notation display also shows the tutorial text for the lesson again, shifting all of the notes down.
  • Triggering a replay with the C key on the keyboard causes the hover text for "play lesson" to show up again.
These are all intermittent but frequent. They're also major distractions, because they all affect UI behavior during the exercise.

Feature request: can latency be lowered, or are you already doing this? Currently, the only way to lower latency and still be able to watch videos is to change to ASIO, do the lesson, and go back again when there's a video.

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Re: Several drawing issues on UI changes

Post by andrewwegierski » Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:51 pm

Hi there,

Since this is a pretty involved issue, would you mind forwarding this in an email to ?

There, I can copy our software lead, Ben, and we can work together to fix some of these specific problems for you.

I have not seen the staff misalignment issue before.

I recommend selecting the notation display before starting a lesson segment. I think it's glitching with the instant feedback only because you're doing it in the middle of a lesson.

Can you send screenshots for the last two issues?



P.s. Yes, latency can usually be fixed by changing the sample rate to 44100. I also recommend using Windows Audio.
Andrew Wegierski

Support Tech & Music Arranger

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