Show numbers AND notes

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Show numbers AND notes

Post by jbriden » Fri Sep 21, 2018 6:22 am

I'd like to get better at identifying the notes, but at the same time be sure I've got my hand position correct. It should be pretty easy to be able to show both the note (e.g. C) and the finger it is played with (e.g. 1)

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Re: Show numbers AND notes

Post by andrewwegierski » Thu Sep 27, 2018 4:23 pm

Thanks for posting. I understand what you're saying. I'm actually not sure how easy or difficult this would be to implement, but I can definitely forward it to the music team and see what they think.

Andrew Wegierski

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Re: Show numbers AND notes

Post by dirtyredog » Mon Dec 31, 2018 1:13 pm

There are some lessons that already have a few of the notes and finger numbers shown together. They're typically on lessons showing the numbers in red for finger switching, where the note letter is listed under/over. The red is less helpful than the combination of notes and fingering number but the notes leading up to the RED switch do not even have the notes so it's completely confusing anyway. I'm stuck on a lesson that I feel would be easier to memoize if this were a feature.

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Re: Show numbers AND notes

Post by Missing Scientist » Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:12 am


I registered with the forum to make the same request, but as it has already been made I'll add my support for it here.

Whilst the goal is to not need any prompts and read the music like standard sheet music, if we require help to know what the notes are and what the ideal fingering should be, then there should be the option to have both prompts showing at the same time.

Is this something that is being worked on for a future release?



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