Bought my first keyboard a few weeks ago..

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Bought my first keyboard a few weeks ago..

Post by kylewithac1 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 8:45 pm

Hi, I'm kylewithac1, im 21 years old and I have just started learning keyboard/piano just couple weeks ago. I found myself having a lot of time (seeing as I am leaving the marines soon) and felt like picking up something new.I have in around 6 practice hours in so far and I'm feeling pretty good, even though im a total newbie. I was told that learning takes a LOT of time, and I accepted that when I went to Guitar Center and bought my keyboard. I have never learned any kind of instrument in my entire life besides a rifle so I found the entire idea of learning keyboard piano pretty awesome.

Though, deep down I have this fear that im going to use Playground Sessions and at the very end of it all, im going to realize that I have learned nothing and should have never invested my money or time.

Has anyone else ever had this feeling starting out? I feel like ive learned so much already, which reassures me in a way, but I have the inspiration to play for my church someday or maybe even play for my family. One day I want to be able to buy a grand piano, put it in my living room, lay out a music sheet, and just start cramming away. My main question is that, will Playground Sessions really get me there? Are there any awesome success stories out there with PGS? Thanks for your time!

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Re: Bought my first keyboard a few weeks ago..

Post by mariyastepanenko » Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:15 am

Thank you for your sharing! Learning any new skill takes time and patience, but with our step-by-step lessons, extensive Song Library and interactive features, you will be learning faster than ever and having fun doing so! If you would like to see more from our users, please check out our Facebook Community, where our users connect with each other and share milestones:

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