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Post by sw1tch73ch » Mon May 20, 2019 8:53 pm

That is true, Quincy Jones isn't the instructor of any of the lessons. I didn't think they ever implied he was. He is the cofounder with Chris Vance of the company that eventually created Playground Sessions. I think it would have been great for Mr. Jones to chime in on his songs with a video or two, at least. But he's let the young ones do that work.
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Re: No stars

Post by andrewwegierski » Tue May 21, 2019 11:47 am

Hi guys,

Just wanted to chime in and clear some things up from our end.

First, I apologize for not responding to that first post, Pavel. However it is not true that we will not help you. As a support team we are working to cover the forums better, but also - the forums are not really the place to receive tech support help. I realize that we've been perpetuating that problem by answering here anyways, or redirecting users to the support email. Proper allocation of the forums within the realm of Playground is a priority for us right now.

Marc, that is a great idea - and is actually something we are discussing right now. Pretty much exactly what you described. The purpose of that would be to alleviate the forums from being a collection of bugs and problems - those should go to the support email and/or this list that you are describing.

Also - Marc, if it's only happening on a couple songs, have you tried going to Edit - Manage my lessons and uninstalling / reinstalling the lessons? That could always help clear a simple bug.

Lastly, a generic comment about the bug fixes. Thanks for mentioning the technology migration process. Yes, things like these take time. The philosophy here is that rather than fixing small bugs one by one, like this one, it's a better investment to work on a new platform for the software, which will not only take care of these bugs, but also make the user experience much better in general.

If anyone has any other questions, I would be happy to discuss.

Andrew Wegierski

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