Using the system

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Using the system

Post by hgillesp » Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:00 am

Just signed up for a year of PS. I get lessons as well but am looking for something to improve my foundation and make playing fun. I played the piano (poorly) for a few years when I was a kid (many years ago) and have been playing for the last 6 months. I am trying to figure out how best to use PS. Also, whether Courses are supposed to show up for me now (they don't) or do they show up later. Is there a guide or similar that will help me to figure all this out or is it more trial and error? I like having a plan in place so am just trying to get my bearings on this system. Any guidance would be wonderful. Also curious as to whether I should start at the first lesson of bootcamp or further into it since I have been playing a bit before this.

Thanks so much!


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Re: Using the system

Post by SJunior22 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:27 am

Hi Heather!

How to best use the PS catalog is all based on your goal(s); Reading from the top of your post, you said "looking for something to improve foundation and make it fun". The Bootcamps are the foundations/fundamentals to playing the piano. The courses are ment supplement the bootcamp lessons (to lock in more practice on various fundamentals). There will be more courses unlocked as you progress through the bootcamps. You also mentioned that you get lessons as well. First, I would figure out which you will depend on more (the teacher or the PS catalog). The lesser-depended upon can act to supplement towards your overall understanding and goal(s). You can also take a look at some of my postings under "Practice tips" for ideas that might help you.

There really isnt a guide because everyone learns differently (which is the beauty of the PS catalog - you're free to formulate your own plan towards accomplishing your goals). However, I would start at the first lesson. If anything, it will be a refresher and PS will be able to know your level as you get "green" icons through the bootcamp lessons. I'd knockout some "rookie" courses along the way as well. Eventually, PS will be able to get you where your goals are. Fun is what you'll make of your journey towards the pianist you want to become.

I hope this helps and I wish you all the luck and enjoy your journey! :D

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