[SOLVED] Download Manager keeps loading forever on Startup

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[SOLVED] Download Manager keeps loading forever on Startup

Post by Torhaa » Thu May 21, 2020 2:52 am

Trying to start Playground Sessions, but it keeps loading Download manager forever.
Starting in offline does work, but don't have any content then.
Forum solution from May 2015 did not work.
Tried restart pc/program, uninstall/install, etc.
Is there any known workaround for this startup obstacle?

Andrew provided a solution as follows:
"1) Disconnect all MIDI devices.

2) Find the "Playground" folder. Delete it. You can accomplish this one of two ways:
-open the Playground app
-click on the help tab
-click on "open Playground data folder" (NOTE: this is not the final destination. We want to get to the parent Playground folder.)
-Notice that you are in the Local store folder. Click "Playground" in the address bar to view that folder.
-Now you're in the Playground folder. However, to delete it, you need to backtrack one more to the Roaming folder (Click "Roaming")
-You should now be in the Roaming folder, and the Playground folder should be highlighted. Delete it.
-Click the Windows home button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.
-type %AppData% in the search box, exactly. Press enter on your keyboard.
-You should now be in the Roaming folder. Scroll down until you find the Playground folder. Click it and delete it.

3) Uninstall Playground
4) Reinstall Playground from playgroundsessions.com/support/downloads. Build #582 will download."

There is some bug causing the download manager-problem to come back the next day.
But resetting on startup works every time and seems to function for a day, before it comes back.
It's a little buggy, but it works.

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