Where should I be looking?

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Where should I be looking?

Post by mrclauds » Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:39 pm

Hi All

When we had just 1 hand position or a position where it just involved a rotation, I had no problem keeping my eyes on the staff at all times. But now I find myself looking down at the keyboard to change hand positions where I cant simply make one finger touch another for reference(lesson 71, pinky from E to C and thumb from G to D), then by the time I get back up to the staff, everything feels rushed and I usually blotch it.
The videos I see, the instructors are always looking down at the keys so dont have someone to watch.
I would rather have a steep learning curve, but learn it the correct way. than easier to learn, but then have to relearn it later.
So what I would like to know is, what is the correct way to do it? Look at staff and develop muscle memory to know where keys are? or look at keys and memorise the staff(doubt its this way), or is it a combination of both?


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